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Dear David,
     As you see, I have bought almost everything you are offering on your website, first, because this is the kind of stuff that I like, and second, as a token of respect for you. From the moment I started to play the recorder, nearly 4 years ago, I fell totally in love with this instrument, a thing which never happened to me -- at least, not so deeply -- when I played the piano and the trombone. And almost from the start I bumped into your name, and through the years I have seen and learned how huge is your contribution to the fascinating world of the recorder and to early music generally. Of course, I have also some of your printed editions, which I bought without hesitation, mainly because your name is on them, since for me it’s a guarantee of the quality of the music and the reliability of the editing. I’m not a great fan of musicology, but your articles are something different, at least for me. They are lively, clear, intriguing, very informative, but without being arid or, the opposite, trying sooo much to be funny.
     So, David, know that far away, some thousands of miles from you, there's someone who deeply appreciates your holy work.
     Yours sincerely,
     Simon Bouzaglo

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