Leonardo Vinci, Sonata in C minor for Alto Recorder and Basso Continuo.

Edited by David Lasocki. Basso continuo realization by Bernard Gordillo. Published May 2012. Price $10.

Standard version: score plus parts for (1) recorder and (2) violoncello or viola da gamba (IH0003).

Alternative version: score plus double part for recorder + bass instrument (IH0003a).

Order the standard e-edition (score and parts) using the following link:

Order the alternative e-edition (score and double part for recorder + bass instrument) using the following link:

A printed edition (standard version) is available from Edition Walhall, Richard-Wagner-Straße 3, D-39106 Magdeburg, Germany; phone 0049-391-85 78 20; fax 0049-391-85 200 79;

Praise for these e-editions:

"It is a delight to have access to these three works by Vinci! The sonatas are very much rooted in the Neapolitan Baroque tradition, full of the harmonic and rhythmical patters that make it so interesting. The concerto points in the direction of the style to come, the galant, with many long appoggiaturas, as in the works of other Neapolitan works of, for example, Fiorenza. The edition is clear and detailed in the critical commentary, inviting performance. Let there be many more!"
    Inês de Avena Braga, Brazilian recorder player

"In line with Vinci's innovative character, all three pieces have unexpected features.... Each piece, including the concerto, would be approachable by an upper intermediate player. A good rhythmic sense is needed ... but Vinci's style generally avoids virtuosic passagework, and his true metier as an opera composer comes through in a consistent singing quality, even in the faster movements. Although rather unassuming, these pieces are a welcome addition to the repertoire.... Players at all levels will enjoy exploring the somewhat unusual style of this well-crafted music."
    Scott Paterson, review in American Recorder, January 2012.