Pieces for Solo Alto Recorder Collected by Julius Bernhard Lutter at the Hannover Court (1709).

Published August 2016. Price $10.00. IH0027.

Never published before, not even in the Baroque period! Another excellent and fun collection of Baroque pieces: fine practice material, also useful as models for writing or improvising your own preludes and fantasies. A sonata, a division, and a suite are also presented in the Appendix for recorder and basso continuo.

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Praise for this edition:
     "I don't have enough thanks and praise for this rich treasure, which you give us in your usual meticulous way, and all this for a scant 10 dollars -- unbelievable! May your generous soul will be rewarded accordingly!" Recorder player, Israel
     "I've been working my way through the Babel collection and thoroughly enjoying them and nearly at the end, so this new collection is timely. Thanks for the good work you do for us recorder players." Recorder player, Australia
     "Thank YOU for your excellent and inspiring work! Best wishes from Spain!" Recorder player