49 Preludes, Fantaisies, and Caprices for Solo Alto Recorder Collected by Charles Babel (ca. 1700).

Published March 2016. Price $10.00. IH0026.

Never published before, not even in the Baroque period! An excellent and fun collection of Baroque pieces: fine practice material, also useful as models for writing or improvising your own preludes, fantaisies, and caprices.
Some initial comments from people who bought the edition:
     "I am enjoying playing them! I think it is great study material also for the young generation of recorder players. That’s why I like your table which shows what might be hidden in a piece that only has the simple title prelude."
     "Thanks a lot for the amazing edition!"
     "I love it and persuaded a few of my students to buy it."
     "You have done a fine job of putting it all together with the research."
     "I'm eager to dig into this."
     "I look forward to working on these."
     "I found it very interesting! Thank for your work."
     "It's a very nice collection and a really interesting introduction."
     "I deeply respect the research behind your edition and the pieces look excellent! Thanks for this wonderful contribution to our literature."
     "Oh David, this is wonderful stuff! I love how you give notes and background. That is always so helpful."

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