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Books by David Lasocki

David Lasocki, Johnny V: John Vidacovich of New Orleans on the Drums and on the Cymbals

David Lasocki, Release Your Shackles: A Concise Guide to Living a Freer Life

David Lasocki, Florio's Breathing Flute: The Life of the Flutist Pietro Grassi Florio (1738?-1795) and the Making of Florio Flutes

David Lasocki, Marc-Antoine Charpentier and the Flûte: Recorder or Traverso?

David Lasocki, Tony Dagradi, A Spiritual Approach to Jazz: The Life and Work of the New Orleans Jazz Saxophonist and Bandleader

David Lasocki, Steve Masakowski, Big Easy Innovator: The Life and Work of the New Orleans Jazz Guitarist and Educator

David Lasocki with Roger Prior, The Bassanos: Venetian Musicians and Instrument Makers in England, 1531-1665 (originally published by Scolar Press, Aldershot, England and Ashgate, Brookfield, VT, 1995); with a bonus Update by David Lasocki on research about the Bassano family, 1995-2012

David Lasocki, "Research on the Bassano Family, 1995-2012," purchased separately

David Lasocki, The Recorder and Other Members of the Flute Family in Writings from 1100 to 1500

David Lasocki, I Am Alive Now: Writings from a Lifetime of Healing

David Lasocki, A Higher Fusion: The New Orleans Modern-Jazz Group Astral Project at 34

David Lasocki, James Singleton, Rhythm Crusader: The Life and Work of the New Orleans Jazz Bassist and Bandleader

David Lasocki, A Listing of Inventories, Sales, and Advertisements Relating to Flutes, Recorders, and Flageolets, 1631-1800

David Lasocki, Fluting and Dancing: Articles and Reminiscences for Betty Bang Mather on her 65th Birthday

Betty Bang Mather and David Lasocki, Free Ornamentation for Woodwind Instruments, 1700-1775: An Anthology with Introduction

David Lasocki and Betty Bang Mather, The Classical Woodwind Cadenza: A Workbook

Betty Bang Mather and David Lasocki, The Art of Preluding, 1700-1830, for Flutists, Oboists, Clarinettists and Other Performers


Books by Other Authors

Lilin Chen, Playing with Direction and a Sense of Structure: A Manual for Teachers of Pre-College Piano Students

Betty Bang Mather, Interpretation of French Music from 1675 to 1775 for Woodwind and Other Performers; Additional Comments on German and Italian Music