Betty Bang Mather, Interpretation of French Music from 1675 to 1775 for Woodwind and Other Performers; Additional Comments on German and Italian Music (New York: McGinnis & Marx, 1973; republished by Instant Harmony, August 2010, price $8.95; file size 8.2 MB)

Betty Bang Mather taught the flute at The University of Iowa for 44 years. She was one of the first flutists in the United States to teach herself and her students to play Baroque music from the instructions in early French and German woodwind tutors.
     In the 1970s she gave the first annual summer workshops in traverso performance in America, and she wrote her book on interpreting French Baroque woodwind music, various articles on 18th-century woodwind performance practices, and (with co-author David Lasocki) the first modern books on the free ornamentation, cadenzas, and preludes for woodwind instruments in the late Baroque and early Classical periods.
     In the 1980s she and coauthor Dean Karns wrote Dance Rhythms of the French Baroque: A Handbook for Performance. After that she concentrated on applying historical performance clues to faithful editions of single sets of Baroque pieces. These editions include: The French Noel, with an Anthology of 1725 for Two Flutes (with coauthor Gail Gavin); and Bach’s Partita for Solo Flute, with Emphasis on the Allemande (with Elizabeth Sadilek).
     Currently she and Karns are preparing such an edition of Bach’s Overture-Suite in B minor, BWV 1067, arranged for flute, keyboard, and optional melodic bass. Mather’s books and articles have been published, republished, or translated and republished, in Australia, Brazil, England, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the USA.