A reissue of a Festschrift in honor of an important American flutist and author, who was a pioneer on the traverso:

(David Lasocki, editor) Fluting and Dancing: Articles and Reminiscences for Betty Bang Mather on her 65th Birthday (New York: McGinnis & Marx, 1992) (republished August 2010, price $8.95; file size 14.74 MB).
     Janice Dockendoff Boland, "A Guide to the Best Eighteenth-Century Tutors for the One-Keyed Flute."
     Sven H. Hansell, "Italian Prosody as a Guide to Musical Structure: Accent, Articulation, and Accompaniment in the Flute Sonatas of Giovanni Platti."
     John Solum, "J. S. Bach's Trio Sonata from The Musical Offering: A Study in Trills?"
     Anita Breckbill, "The Flute Duets of W. F. Bach; Sources and Dating."
     Claudia Anderson, "The Flute in pre-Revolutionary American Concert Life."
     Julianna Moore, "Women and the Flute in the Nineteenth Century."
     Susan Nelson, "A History of the Flute on Record to 1940."
     Mark Dannenbring, "Edgard Varese's Density 21.5: Symmetrical Relations and Negation of Expectations."
     Roger Mather, "Dictionary of Flute Tone Colors and Related Terms."
     Patricia M. Ranum, "Do French Dance Songs Obey the Rules of Rhetoric?"
     Helen Chadima, "Dancing the Minuet: Did National Differences Exist?"
     David Fuerstenau, "Body-Centered Learning."
     Leopold La Fosse, "An Introduction to Sports Psychology, Mental Training, and Musical Performance."
     Kristin Taavola, "You Can Get There from Here: A Philosophy of Whole-Brained Flute Playing."
     Reminiscences by: Read R. Bang, Roger Williams, Charles Eble, Abigail Benton Sivan, David Lasocki, Roger Mather, D. Martin Jenni, Katharina Muller, Dean M. Karns, and Kristin Taavola; and a Tribute by Himie Voxman.