An original book that presents cutting-edge research on the history of members of the flute family by one of the world's leading researchers:

David Lasocki, A Listing of Inventories, Sales, and Advertisements Relating to Flutes, Recorders, and Flageolets, 1631-1800. Published May 2010. 308 pages; 8 1/2 x 11 inch format. E-book (pdf) price $12.75. Printed book price $20 plus $5 shipping -- United States only. Please write to for shipping prices to other countries.

     Note: this book complements "A Listing of Inventories and Purchases of Flutes, Recorders, Flageolets, and Tabor Pipes, 1388–1630” (2004), published in David Lasocki, ed., Musicque de joye: Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Renaissance Flute and Recorder Consort, Utrecht 2003 (Utrecht: STIMU Foundation for Historical Performance Practice, 2005), 419–511, and available as a free download from

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     Praise for this book:

"This excellent book, written with great attention to detail.... Lasocki both informs and entertains in this unique compilation of historic advertisements and other listings. I recommend it highly for early music specialists and music libraries, and also for history buffs, who might enjoy these snapshots of daily life from the 17th and 18th centuries."
      Aldo Abreu, review in Early Music America 19, no. 2 (summer 2013): 48-49

"Lasocki's painstaking compilation illuminates the place of flutes, recorders, and their relatives in their social setting and raises intriguing questions about instrument making, distribution, and commerce. This effort, when extended systematically to other types of instruments and farther afield geographically, will considerably expand our view of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century music culture. As a step in this direction, Lasocki's e-book rewards thorough examination and is essential for music research libraries."
      Laurence Libin, review in Notes 67, no. 4 (June 2011): 728-29

"... a veritable mine of information.... Lasocki's customary thoroughness and attention to detail come to the fore.... the translations -- appropriately literal -- are excellent.... In summary, this is an excellent, thoroughly researched and well-referenced source of information which should prove invaluable to students of the instruments concerned."
     Douglas Macmillan, review in Galpin Society Journal 73 (2010): 266-67

"As one would expect from this author, it is a scrupulously researched and compiled volume.... Everything is neatly categorized by country of origin and arranged chronologically..... Lasocki wisely chose to ... include English-language translations of all foreign-language listings.... While this volume will be of value to scholars who are searching for specific information, it will also provide hours of fascinating perusal for anyone with an interest in these instruments. The insights provided by these brief items are completely different from what one learns from a more formal narrative history book."
      Gwyn Roberts, review in American Recorder 53, no. 2 (March 2012): 38

(Of this book and The Recorder and Other Members of the Flute Family in Writings from 1100 to 1500):
“Es sind dies umfassende Materialsammlungen, die einen Ausgangspunkt für eine Fülle von Spezialstudien zu bilden vermögen.” [“They are comprehensive collections of material capable of providing a starting point for an abundance of special studies.”]
(Of this book):
"... eine Schatzkiste zum Schmökern.” ["... a treasure trove to bury yourself in.”]
     Regina Himmelbauer, review in Tibia 38, no. 2 (2013): 450–51.

"It's a great book! I'm sure that an amazing amount of research went into it."
     Susan Maclagan, Canadian flutist and author of A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist

"The e-book is amazing. Such a great deal of information clearly organized."
     Betty Bang Mather, American flutist, traverso pioneer, teacher, and author

"Great to have the listings! So much interesting information!"
     Inês de Avena Braga, Brazilian recorder player