The fifth and last-published in a series of five original e-books about the New Orleans modern jazz group Astral Project.

David Lasocki, Johnny V: John Vidacovich of New Orleans on the Drums and on the Cymbals (published April 2017, e-book price $12.00, pdf)

This book will shortly be available in print from Create Space (available through

Praise for this book
"Devotees of John will appreciate your enormous effort. Hope your book makes the New York Times best seller list."
     Producer, New York.

Praise for this series:
"I have seen Astral Project over 20 times, and your books are like sweet nectar to a honeybee. The level of detail and consummate research about their history make the books truly a 'must read' for any fan of jazz music. I am thoroughly engaged and reading two books simultaneously! Thanks for your amazing work!"
     Optometrist and jazz guitarist, Louisiana.