The third-published in a series of five original books about the New Orleans modern jazz group Astral Project.

David Lasocki, Steve Masakowski, Big Easy Innovator: The Life and Work of the New Orleans Jazz Guitarist and Educator (published August 2014, e-book price $12.00, pdf file size 3.9MB)

Also available in printed form at $19.00 including shipping and handling:

Praise for this book:
From a review by Thomas Jacobsen in OffBeat, September 2015:
     "What a masterful biography of a major jazz musician....
     "Lasocki is an authority on the subject, having already written books on Astral Project as well as on individual members of that band (Tony Dagradi and James Singleton). He is a highly qualified music scholar, with numerous publications on a variety of musical subjects. The book is thoroughly researched and documented. It includes detailed interviews with the guitarist as well as others who know him (including some of Steve’s former students).
     "Besides being an extremely full treatment of Steve Masakowski’s life and music, I found the book to be a most valuable account of the modern jazz scene in New Orleans over the last 30 years or so. Thus it becomes an important historical document as well. But, most importantly, it reveals Steve Masakowski as an unusually gifted musician, composer and educator — as well as a humble and down-to-earth human being....
     "If you’re a Steve Masakowski fan (how can any jazz lover from New Orleans not be?), this book is a must read. I recommend it highly."

"I have seen Astral Project over 20 times, and your books are like sweet nectar to a honeybee. The level of detail and consummate research about their history make the books truly a 'must read' for any fan of jazz music. I am thoroughly engaged and reading two books simultaneously -- the one on Steve and the one on the group! Thanks for your amazing work!"
     Optometrist and jazz guitarist, Louisiana.